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Friday, March 4, 2011


Now that the cheesecake was a massive hit, i was confident enough to venture into a less known version of cheese cake. "Mini Ricotta Cheesecake".

Ricotta is the european version of our indian panner, and is mostly savoured by italians.(they are the pioneers in cheesemaking)

The recipe doesnt change much only that the creamcheese is substituted with ricotta; the batter was poured into mini muffin pans lined with paper liners and these babies were ready.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I dedicate this blog to my amma, appa and my sister A who encouraged me to start this blog.

After so many days of preparations and delays, i decided to post an entry into my blog. As everything begins on a sweet note. so my first entry is "Cheese cake".
Equipped with a small oven and 3 pairs of helping hands, i am about to devour into the world of baking and record my musings here.

A chef friend of mine wanted me to try out this cake for him for a teen crowd among whom this delicacy was very popular. When i read through the recipe it was quite easy to prepare, but required some skill while baking. After scouring through many sites and cook books i decided on nigella's recipe, but, i could not find cream cheese in my local super market; Came Google to the rescue, and i made my own cream cheese. My friend liked it very much and told me to bake it a little more (unlike what nigella said) to bake it a little longer untill there is a golden hue on the top. Other wise he liked it very much.
This is my first trophy.. rest to follow......

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